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Northern Darkness´ history and name began in 1994 with the tour of Marduk and Immortal, naturally called: Northern Darkness. The concerts are as memorable as the years…

26.07.19   And even hard rocking metal heads have to take a break and go on vacation, here are a few photos of the Northern Darkness Germany Crew and their families at some of the places they chose to relax at: Denmark, Celle (Germany), camping at the the North Sea (Germany) or in Gelsenkirchen (Germany) more pics will follow.


24.07.19  A short history of 2013: Beastival in Geiselwind in Germany

Along with all the other good bands that were playing at this festival the headliners were of course the Big Teutonic 4: Kreator, Sodom, Destruction, and of course Tankard. Besides it raining cats and dogs …. (and anybody who has been to an open air festival knows what THAT means… dry anything that isn`t wrapped in plastic… HA!! ) it was still a great weekend. Even though we had to tear all of our tents down, luckily one of our crew who drives an 18 wheeler had dead headed to the festival and we could move into the trailer. WE had dry beds at night!

The Teutonic 4 delivered the shows that they are known for, we partied and belted out one refrain after the other until our throats were sore. Unfortunately the „Beastival“ had to change its name into „Out & Loud“ because there is an event in England where they play Electro that had already claimed the rights to the name. Crazy story, but we have been there before just take a look at the hoops Cruachan from Ireland had to jump through.

Nonetheless the Beastival 2013 was a weekend that will always be remembered…


23.07.19   We have gotten some eardrum breaking news from the Dark Troll Festival in Germany, the first band for 2020 has been confirmed, none other than our friends from OBSCURITY!!!

Of course we are more than overjoyed that the mountain lions of OBSCURITY are going to rock the Schweinsburgs foundations again.

Here is their current video 793

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